University of Maryland

Daniel Greene

Dan Greene Headshot

Assistant Professor


Daniel Greene is an Assistant Professor of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher with Microsoft Research New England. His research focuses on the technologies and institutions that teach us how, why, and where to work in the information economy, and how the future of work always comes with a shadow—the future of unemployment.

Research Interests

Technology and work; Privacy and surveillance; Information institutions; Race, gender, and inequality; Values in design; Infrastructure; Qualitative methods

Selected Publications

Ajunwa, Ifeoma, & Daniel Greene. 2018. “Platforms at work: Automated hiring platforms and other new intermediaries in the organization of work.” Forthcoming in Research in the Sociology of Work.

Greene, Daniel, & Katie Shilton. 2018. “Platform privacies: Governance, collaboration, and the different meanings of ‘privacy’ in iOS and Android Development.” New Media and Society 20.4: 1640-1657.

Greene, Daniel. 2016. “Discovering the divide: Technology and poverty in the New Economy.” International Journal of Communication 10: 1212-1231.