University of Maryland

[Call for Papers] Workshop on Small Data Experimentation (sdX): Opportunities, Challenges, and Infrastructure

January 30th, 2015 by

June 15-16, 2015
New York, New York
Submission Deadline: March 15, 2015
Notification Due: April 15, 2015

Workshop Committee

Organizing Committee: Deborah Estrin, Ari Juels, JP Pollak, Cornell NYC Tech

Tentative Program Committee–pending confirmation:

  • Gregory Abowd, Georgia Tech
  • AJ Brush, MSR
  • Jeff Burke, UCLA
  • Andrew Campbell, Dartmouth
  • Tanzeem Choudhury, Cornell
  • Beki Grinter, GA Tech
  • Julie Kientz, University of Washington
  • Pedja Klasnja, University of Michigan
  • Yoshi Kohno, University of Washington
  • James Landay, Stanford University
  • Ratul Mahajan, MSR
  • Jennifer Mankoff, CMU
  • Amelie Marian, Rutgers
  • Katie Shilton, Univ of Maryland
  • Vitaly Shmatikov, UT Austin, Visiting Cornell Tech

Call for Papers

Small data are the digital traces that individuals generate as a byproduct of daily activities, such as sending e-mail or exercising with fitness trackers. Small data production is poised to explode in richness and variety as users’ online activities expand and wearable and mobile devices proliferate. The transformations brought to large organizations by big data promise to be mirrored in innovations in wellness, productivity and interaction at a personal scale driven by small data. Realizing the promise of small data will require experimental research in data analytics and modeling, security and privacy, and user experience design. On June 15-16 we will hold a small, invitation-only, NSF workshop to explore the research opportunities, challenges and infrastructure requirements posed by small data.

We invite short 2-page papers that describe specific technical challenges and opportunities around small data, in particular:

  1. parsing, fusion, and modeling of diverse and noisy data streams to create informative and predictive models from personal data;
  2. security and privacy for personal-data streams and applications; and
  3. user experience design for novel interactions based on small data.

Each selected workshop participant will be required to review the technical description of a proposed infrastructure (sdX). The workshop itself will be a participatory working meeting to further define technical designs and priorities for sdX. In particular:

  • All invited attendees will be asked to submit their reactions to a proposed set of research infrastructure capabilities; including their potential research needs and contributions to such a research infrastructure.
  • At the workshop we will cluster participants into themed sessions and capture both participant 2 pages, presentations, and discussions in a synthesized report of research infrastructure functionality, priorities, and challenges. Our intention is that the workshop will spawn a committed research community who would continue to participate in designing, creating, and using the research infrastructure.
  • On the second day of the workshop we will present a description of the community-defined infrastructure and proposed research to an industry panel for feedback on the opportunities and challenges that they anticipate in the creation and use of the research infrastructure.
  • We will synthesize our larger workshop findings and prepare a revised document outlining proposed capabilities, challenges and tradeoffs. This revised document will be posted on the web for public distribution and comment.