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[Call for Papers] SNAKDD 2014 : The 8th International Workshop on Social Network Mining and Analysis

May 1st, 2014 by

The 8th International Workshop on Social Network Mining and Analysis (SNAKDD 2014)
Co-held with the 20th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2014)

Aug 24, 2014 – Aug 24, 2014
New York City
Submission Deadline: Jun 9, 2014
Notification Due: Jul 7, 2014
Final Version Due: Jul 21, 2014

The 8th SNA-KDD workshop is proposed as the eighth in a successful series of workshops on social network mining and analysis co-held with KDD, soliciting experimental and theoretical work on social network mining and analysis in both online and offline social network systems. Based on the previous success, this year we propose a special theme of “Social Network Study for Business, Consumer and Social Insights”, which is perfectly aligned with the theme of the main KDD conference. 
The past SNA-KDD workshops have achieved significant attentions from the world-wide researchers working in different aspects of social network analysis, including knowledge discovery and data mining in social network, social network modeling, multi-agent based social network simulation, complex generic network analysis and other related studies that can bring inspirations or be directly applied to social network analysis. Each year we received more than 30 submissions. The average acceptance rate is around 1/3.

Keynote Speech: We plan to invite two keynote speakers, one from industry and the other from academia, to give pubic talks in the workshop addressing the challenges and opportunities of social network analysis and mining in research as well as in practice. Each talk will be accompanied by a panel discussion for feedback and debate.
Proceedings: Papers accepted for presentation at the workshop will be published in the workshop proceedings of the KDD conference, which will be included in the ACM digital library.
Student travel award: Student travel award to cover the full KDD + workshop registration is available to selected students and postdoctoral fellows with accepted papers to SNA-KDD. Only students and postdoctoral fellows who are currently studying at a university are eligible to apply for this travel award. Award recipients will be selected by the SNA-KDD 2014 Conference Technical Program Committee based on the merit of their accepted research work.

Topics of Interest:
The 8th SNA-KDD aims to bring together practitioners and researchers with a specific focus on the emerging trends and industry needs associated with the traditional Web, the social Web, and other forms of social networking systems. Both theoretical and experimental submissions are encouraged. The interesting topics include (1) data mining advances on the discovery and analysis of communities, on personalization for solitary activities (like search) and social activities (like discovery of potential friends), on the analysis of user behavior in open forums (like conventional sites, blogs and forums) and in commercial platforms (like e-auctions) and on the associated security and privacy-preservation challenges; (2) social network modeling, scalable, customizable social network infrastructure construction, dynamic growth and evolution patterns identification and discovery using machine learning approaches or multi-agent based simulation.
Papers should elaborate on data mining methods, issues associated to data preparation and pattern interpretation, both for conventional data (usage logs, query logs, document collections) and for multimedia data (pictures and their annotations, multi-channel usage data). Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

– Communities discovery and analysis in large scale online and offline social networks;
– Personalization for search and for social interaction;
– Recommendations for product purchase, information acquisition and establishment of social relations;
– Data protection inside communities;
– Misbehavior detection in communities;
– Web mining algorithms for clickstreams, documents and search streams;
– Preparing data for web mining;
– Pattern presentation for end-users and experts;
– Evolution of patterns in the Web;
– Evolution of communities in the Web;
– Dynamics and evolution patterns of social networks, trend prediction;
– Contextual social network analysis;
– Temporal analysis on social networks topologies;
– Search algorithms on social networks;
– Multi-agent based social network modeling and analysis;
– Application of social network analysis;
– Anomaly detection in social network evolution;
– Role identification and relation analysis in social network;
– Collective social network integration and analysis.

Submission Instructions:
All submissions must be made electronically at the paper submission website.
Research Papers should be no longer than 9 pages inclusive of all references and figures. Papers should be submitted in ACM proceedings format (two columns, 9pt font, approx. 1in margins). Please use the prescribed formatting guidelines of KDD (ACM Proceedings) which can be found at:
All papers must be submitted in PDF format. Please ensure that any special fonts used are included in the submitted documents. All papers must be original, and have not been published elsewhere.
The workshop proceedings will be published by the ACM Digital Library and distributed during the workshop.

Workshop Co-Chairs:
– Feida ZHU, Assistant Professor, Singapore Mangement University, Singapore
– Zhenhui Li, Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University, USA
– Mitul Tiwari, Staff Engineer, LinkedIn, USA

Program Committee (Tentative):
– Amr Ahmed     Yahoo! Research
– Kuiyu Chang   Nanyang Technological University
– Ed Chi         Google
– Ananth Grama  Purdue University
– Yanyan Lan    Chinese Academy of Sciences
– Ee-Peng Lim   Singapore Management University
– Huan Liu       Arizona State University
– Yan Liu        University of Southern California
– Dunja Mladenic        J. Stefan Institute Slovenia
– Baojun Qiu    eBay
– Shengli Victor Sheng  University of Central Arkansas
– Ambuj Singh   University of California at Santa Barbara
– Hanghang Tong IBM T.J. Watson Research
– Jianshu Weng  HP Labs
– Xifeng Yan    University of California at Santa Barbara
– Philip S. Yu  University of Illinois, Chicago
– Weining Qian  East China Normal University
– Aixin Sun      Nanyang Technological University
– Jing Jiang    Singapore Management University
– Aek Palakorn Achananuparp     Singapore Management University
– Jie Tang       Tsinghua University, China
– Jing Gao       University at Buffalo
– Yizhou Sun    Northeastern University
– James Cheng   The Chinese University of Hong Kong
– Hady W. Lauw  Singapore Management University
– Qiaozhu Mei   University of Michigan
– Victor Lee    John Carroll University

For inquiries please send e-mail to Zhenhui Li (