University of Maryland

Charting Collections of Connections in Social Media: Creating Maps and Measures with NodeXL

September 26th, 2013 by

Marc Smith, Social Media Research Foundation, NodeXL project
October 2, 2013, 9-11am
Univ. of Maryland, Art-Sociology Building, room 2115

Networks are a data structure common found across all social media services that allow populations to author collections of connections.  The Social Media Research Foundation‘s NodeXL project makes analysis of social media networks accessible to most users of the Excel spreadsheet application.  With NodeXL, Networks become as easy to create as pie charts.  Applying the tool to a range of social media networks has already revealed the variations present in online social spaces.  A review of the tool and images of Twitter, flickr, YouTube, and email networks will be presented.

NodeXL workshop co-organized by Alan Neustadtl (Sociology) and Brian Butler (iSchool, Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and Information (CASCI)).