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Call for Papers: AMCIS 2013 Minitrack – Project Management in Developing & Emerging Economies

January 2nd, 2013 by

*19th  Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2013)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
August 15-17, 2013*

*Track: IT Project Management (SIGITProjMgmt)*

*Mini-track: Project Management in Developing & Emerging Economies *

*We welcome your submissions *

*Deadline for submissions is February 22, 2013 (11:59 PM CST)*

*Important Dates*
Jan 4, 2013          Paper submissions open on Bepress system (new for
Feb 22, 2013       Paper submissions deadline 11:59 p.m. Central Time
April 17-19, 2013  Notification of paper acceptance
May 9, 2013        Camera-ready copy of accepted papers due

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Information & Communication technologies (ICT) and other types of IT
projects are typically faced with numerous challenges and obstacles. These
are further magnified in developing and emerging countries where there is
likelihood that best practices and methodologies are not consistently
applied or widely dispersed across organizations and sectors. Effective
project management approaches have great potential for revitalizing the
sluggish and ineffective management practices often encountered in
developing countries (Stuckenbruck & Zomorrodian, 1987). However, some of
the barriers to the successful execution of projects in developing
countries include political and social systems, lack of financial support,
cultural blocks (Nguyen, 2007) and sufficient access to qualified
practitioners. Despite these challenges, these regions have much to offer,
through interesting and unique experiences, and insights from experience in
practice. This was further reinforced by Mia and Ramage (2011) in their
investigation of IT Project Management in the microfinance sector of

The objective of this mini-track is to foster discourse on important
issues, challenges and opportunities within the IT project management
domain from the perspectives of developing and emerging economies as both
attempt to improve and harness project management capabilities.
Researchers, graduate students and practitioners? submissions of completed
and work in progress research, cases and industry insights are welcomed.


Mia, M. B., & Ramage, M. (2011). IT project management in developing
countries: approaches and factors affecting success in the microfinance
sector of Bangladesh.

Nguyen, N. M. (2007). The Challenges of transferring modern project
management principles and methodologies to developing countries. In
Proceedings 2007 PMI Global Congress, Hong Kong

Stuckenbruck, L. C., & Zomorrodian, A. (1987). Project management: the
promise for developing countries. International Journal of Project
Management, 5(3), 167-175.


Related suggested topics, which are not limited to, but could include:

– Regional analysis of the state of art of ITPM
– Country analysis of the state of art of ITPM
– Critical issues, challenges and opportunities in ITPM
– Indigenous & Hybrid PM practices in Small Island States
– Maintaining Quality PM practices in SMEs
– Future of ITPM
– Critical success factors for projects
– Business intelligence application in IT projects
– Scope management in IT Projects
– Risk management in IT Projects
– Contract and procurement in IT Projects
– Security, privacy and ethics in IT Projects
– Best practices and experiences in government projects
– IT PM education
– Knowledge management in PM
– Project management maturity and PMOs
– Project performance methods and applications
– Strategies and project management

For any questions relating to submissions to this mini-track please
contact: Corlane Barclay,

Corlane Barclay,  Ph.D., LLB, PMP
University of Technology, Jamaica

Sheryl Thompson, Ph.D
University of the West Indies, Western Jamaica Campus

Kweku Muata Osei-Bryson, Ph.D.
Virginia Commonwealth University