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[CASCI Talk] Rent and Loathing in Beantown: Negotiating the Civic Good Through Short-Term Rental Laws and Romantic Anti-Capitalism

October 22nd, 2019 Description In the ideal city, every resident would have a place to live. Unfortunately, we are far away from this utopia due to the limits on space available to residents. Property ownership serves as a fundamental exclusion criteria as it helps determine which residents get to live in the city and which […]

New Issue: Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 22(4)

Volume 22, Issue 4 of the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce <> Organizational Adoption of Web 2.0 Technologies: An Empirical Analysis Terence J. V. Saldanha M. S. Krishnan Management’s Worldview: Four Critical Points about Reality, Language, and Knowledge Building to Improve Organization Performance Bartley J. Madden Information Systems as a Professional Discipline: Focus on the Management of […]