University of Maryland

Ricardo L. Punzalan


Assistant Professor




Research Interests

Archives and museum studies, virtual reunification, digitization of archival photographs, inter-institutional collaboration, archives and collective memory


Jacobsen, T., Punzalan, R. L., & Hedstrom, M. L. (2013). Invoking “collective memory”: mapping the emergence of a concept in archival science. Archival Science, 1-35.

Conway, P., & Punzalan, R. (2011). Fields of vision: toward a new theory of visual literacy for digitized archival photographs. ARCHIVARIA71, 63-97.

Punzalan, R. L. (2006). Archives of the new possession: Spanish colonial records and the American creation of a ‘national’archives for the Philippines.Archival Science6(3-4), 381-392.