Ping Wang

drwangping148Associate Professor


Affiliate Associate Professor

Decision, Operations and Information Technologies Department, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Research Interests

Information technology innovation, Social media and green IT, Science of science & innovation policy, Institutional theory, Innovation ecology, Technology entrepreneurship


Shneiderman, B., Dunne, C., Sharma, P., & Wang, P. (2012). Innovation Trajectories for Information Visualizations: Comparing Treemaps, Cone Trees, and Hyperbolic TreesInformation Visualization (11:2), pp. 87-105.

Wang, P. (2010). Chasing the Hottest IT: Effects of Information Technology Fashion on OrganizationsMIS Quarterly (34:1), pp 63-85.

Wang, P., & Ramiller, N.C. (2009). Community Learning in Information Technology InnovationMIS Quarterly(33:4), pp 709-734.

Sun, J., & Wang, P. (2012). Community Ecology for Innovation Concept: The Case of Cloud Computing,” in Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Orlando, FL.