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CASCI Participants

Below is a list of CASCI Participants who attended CASCI events in 2013 such as:

CASCI Reading GroupCASCI Talks, and CSCW Paper Development Workshop (Spring 2013)

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CASCI Participants

Sarah Webster
Chiyoung Oh
Amalia Levi
Susan Winter (CASCI Senior Fellow)
Alisha Alam
Jenny Preece
Diane Travis
Rebecca Follman
Brian Butler (CASCI Senior Fellow)
Holly Surbaugh
Leah Findlater
Tammara Clegg
Lesley Langa
Beth St. Jean (CASCI Senior Fellow)
Xu Meng
Donal Heiderblad
Yurong He
Ben Shneiderman
Ping Wang (CASCI Senior Fellow)
Jimmy Lin
Katie Shilton (CASCI Senior Fellow)
June Ahn (CASCI Senior Fellow)
Ricardo Punzalan (CASCI Senior Fellow)
Elizabeth Bonsignore
Taverekere Srikantaiah
Jinyoung Kim
Keongtae Kim
Chen Huang
Catherine Plaisant
Benjamin Ward
Seth Powsner
Eric Milller
Shannon Latsky
PJ Rey
Tanya Lokot
Mona Leigh Guha
Piyush Ramachandran
Sandra Hofferth
Nick Brethaure