University of Maryland

Myeong Lee

Myeong Lee Headshot

PhD Student, CASCI Webmaster


Myeong Lee is a Ph.D. student, in his candidacy, at the University of Maryland’s iSchool at College Park. His research interests are in understanding how community-level forces shape individual and organizational behavior; how the information landscape of a local community is created by community factors and features; and how community problems can be solved through implementing socio-technical strategies.

Research Interests

Community Informatics; HCI for Community; Urban Computing; Geospatial Analytics and Visualization; Organizational Theory; Information Accessibility

Recent Publications

Lee, M. & Butler, B. (2019). How are Information Deserts Created? A Theory of Local Information Landscapes. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 70(2), 101-119.

McKenzie, G., Liu, Z., Hu, Y., & Lee, M. (2018). Identifying Urban Neighborhood Names through User-contributed Online Property Listings. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (IJGI). 7(10). 388. MPDI.

Hong, L., Lee, M., Mashhadi, A., & Frias-Martinez, V. (2018). Towards Understanding Communication Behavior Changes during Floods Using Cell Phone Data. In the International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo ‘18). LNCS, 11186. pp. 97-107. Cham: Springer. September 25-28. St. Petersburg, Russia.

Lee, M., Chen, S., Zhang, Y., Spencer, E., & Marciano, R. (2018). Toward Identifying Values and Tensions in Designing a Historically-Sensitive Data Platform: A Case-Study on Urban Renewal. In iConference 2018 Proceedings. LNCS, 10766. pp. 632-637. Cham: Springer. March 25-28. Sheffield, U.K.

Wang, P., Lee, M., Meng, X., & Butler, B. (2016). Toward an Ecology Theory of Creativity in IT Products: A Study of Mobile Device Industry. In 37th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). December 11-14, Dublin, Ireland [Best Paper Award]