University of Maryland

Local Event Organization, Place and Regional Data (LEOPARD)

Through a combination of open government, open data, and civic engagement, governments, citizens, civil society groups, and others are reinventing the relationship between governments and the governed by developing crowdsourced and other innovative solutions for community advancement. Underlying this reinvention and

innovation is data – particularly local data such as housing, air quality, graduation rates,
literacy rates, poverty, disease, and more.

The purpose of the LEOPARD project, therefore, is to see how community organizations obtain and use data in their every day workings, such as in advertising, reaching out to community members, communicating with funding institutions, and more.  The hope being that, once this information is obtained, it will be possible to trace different trends in communities and data collection, and be able to set standards for other institutions to follow.


  • Brian Butler – University of Maryland
  • John Bertot – University of Maryland
  • Diane Travis – University of Maryland

Papers, Reports and Other Publications


Funding and Grants

  • Funding for the LEOPARD Project was graciously provided by the Warren Library Association.

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