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CASCI Activities

[CASCI Talk] Chasing Something Beautiful: Communities of Citation and the Cultural Circuits of Capital in the Early Days of Venture Capital

September 24th, 2019 Description How did venture capital investment become the dominant mode of funding for high technology, inextricably linked in the popular consciousness with innovation, massive economic growth, and equally massive investor profits? By the early 1970s, venture capitalists were gaining name recognition as a distinct category separate from other types of investors. But […]

[CASCI Talk] An overview of Information Science in Brazil, its Graduate Programs and the R.E.G.I.I.M.E.N.T.O. researches at a glance: Perspectives and Challenges

September 10th, 2019 Abstract Information Science emerged in Brazil in the 1970s. The Federal Government created an Institute, a Graduate Program and a Scientific Journal. Today there are two associations, ABECIN (Associação Brasileira de Educação em Ciência da Informação/Brazilian Association of Education in Information Science) and ANCIB (Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Ciência […]

Meet & Greet

Join us for lively discussions and enjoy a light snack spread.  Meet new people and reconnect with summer stories.  Share your recent work, learn about new and upcoming activities, and other opportunities! All are welcome! When: Tuesday, Sept. 3rd at 11:00 am – 12 noon Where: HBK South Room 2119 We would love to see […]

Spring 2019 CASCI Activity Schedule

February. 5, 2019 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Talk with Priya Kumar: Enacting Fetal Ultrasound Online February 12, 2019 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Reading: Citizen science and the professional-amateur divide: lessons from differing online practices February 19, 2019 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Talk with […]

Fall 2018 CASCI Activity Schedule

Sept. 4, 2018 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Welcome to CASCI! (with free coffee and bagels) Sept. 11, 2018 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Reading: Information as thing Sept. 18, 2018 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Reading: Analyzing the functional dynamics of technological innovation systems: A scheme […]

Spring 2018 CASCI Activity Schedule

01/30/2018 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, No Meeting 02/06/2018 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Talk by Daniel Votipka: Hackers vs. Testers: A Comparison of Software Vulnerability Discovery Processes 02/13/2018 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Reading: Formality Considered Harmful: Experiences, Emerging Themes, and Directions on the Use of Formal […]

Fall 2017 CASCI Activity Schedule

9/12/2017 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Reading: What Is Citizen Science? – A Scientometric Meta-Analysis 9/17/2017 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, CASCI Lightning Talks 9/26/2017(11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Reading: Engineering the public: Big data, surveillance and computational politics 10/3/2017 (11 am – 12 pm) 2116 HBK South, Talk by Dr. David […]

[CASCI Reading Group] 9/12 by Jonathan Brier

For the first time CASCI attendees the format is read the paper before the meeting time and a discussion leader will give a few prompts and we tent to try to respond to and think about as a starting point: 1. What are the key claims? Do you believe/accept them? Why or why not? 2. […]

[CASCI Talk] Nicole Fernandez on 3/7

Join us 3/7 at 11:00 am in Hornbake 2116 to welcome Nicole Fernandez! Bio: Nicole C. Fernandez teaches Organizational Network Analysis for Kent State’s Information Architecture and Knowledge Management Program and has taught Social Network Analysis for Georgetown’s Communication, Culture, and Technology Program since 2009. She has a BA in English Lit from Catholic University […]

A New CASCI Logo and Revamping the Website

I am pleased to announce that, with the effort of our Junior Fellow Marina Cascaes (thank you!) and the help of other fellows, we have a brand new logo for CASCI. We also have a little favicon next to the browser tap! 😀 We are also trying to update the contents of the website, so feel […]