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[CASCI Talk] Crowd Sleuths: Solving Mysteries with Crowdsourcing, Experts and AI

Tuesday, November 19th, 201911:00 am – 12:00 noonHBK South 2119 Description Professional investigators in fields such as journalism, law enforcement, and academia have long sought the public’s help in solving mysteries, typically by providing tips. However, as social technologies capture more digital traces of daily life and enable new forms of collaboration, members of the […]

[CASCI Talk] Sociometers and Sensibility

Tuesday, November 5th, 201911:00 am – 12:00 noonHBK South 2119 Description New research methods can transform research specialties and disciplines by providing new types of data and enabling the asking and answering of new kinds of research questions. Sociometers – wearable electronic sensors that capture dynamic, quantitative data about embodied interactions – represent such a […]

[CASCI Talk] Smart Cities and the Need for Proactive Transparency

Tuesday, October 8th, 201911:00 am – 12:00 noonHBK South 2119 Description Smart cities are an example of the profound impact of technology for local governments. With recent innovations in sensors and artificial intelligence, cities are able to measure and do more in service of their residents. At the same time, these advances present unique challenges […]

[CASCI Talk] Rent and Loathing in Beantown: Negotiating the Civic Good Through Short-Term Rental Laws and Romantic Anti-Capitalism

October 22nd, 2019 Description In the ideal city, every resident would have a place to live. Unfortunately, we are far away from this utopia due to the limits on space available to residents. Property ownership serves as a fundamental exclusion criteria as it helps determine which residents get to live in the city and which […]

[CASCI Talk] Chasing Something Beautiful: Communities of Citation and the Cultural Circuits of Capital in the Early Days of Venture Capital

September 24th, 2019 Description How did venture capital investment become the dominant mode of funding for high technology, inextricably linked in the popular consciousness with innovation, massive economic growth, and equally massive investor profits? By the early 1970s, venture capitalists were gaining name recognition as a distinct category separate from other types of investors. But […]

[CASCI Talk] An overview of Information Science in Brazil, its Graduate Programs and the R.E.G.I.I.M.E.N.T.O. researches at a glance: Perspectives and Challenges

September 10th, 2019 Abstract Information Science emerged in Brazil in the 1970s. The Federal Government created an Institute, a Graduate Program and a Scientific Journal. Today there are two associations, ABECIN (Associação Brasileira de Educação em Ciência da Informação/Brazilian Association of Education in Information Science) and ANCIB (Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Ciência […]

[CASCI Talk] Nicole Fernandez on 3/7

Join us 3/7 at 11:00 am in Hornbake 2116 to welcome Nicole Fernandez! Bio: Nicole C. Fernandez teaches Organizational Network Analysis for Kent State’s Information Architecture and Knowledge Management Program and has taught Social Network Analysis for Georgetown’s Communication, Culture, and Technology Program since 2009. She has a BA in English Lit from Catholic University […]

[CASCI Talk] How To Fix the World: Repair as Practice and Worldview

Dec. 4 11 am – 12 pm 2116 Hornbake Bldg, South Wing Speaker: Steven Jackson, Associate Professor, Department of Information Science, Cornell University Steven Jackson ( is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University. He works in the areas of science and technology policy, human-computer interaction, and […]

[CASCI Talk] Automatic Image Annotation Applied to Habitat Classification

Nov. 11 2 pm – 3 pm 2116 Hornbake Bldg, South Wing Speaker: Mercedes Torres, PhD   As a post-­‐doctoral student at the University of Nottingham, she is focused on interdisciplinary research, specifically in the area of Fine-­‐Grained Visual Categorization, Image Processing and Analysis, and Machine Learning. She has designed and developed an image annotation framework […]

[CASCI Talk] “Reinventing Science Education through Virtual Worlds: Implications for Teacher Education”

Nov. 11 11 am – 12 pm 2116 Hornbake Bldg, South Wing Speaker: Diane Jass Ketelhut, Associate Professor, College of Education, University of Maryland College Park Abstract: The 21st century brings a change in what we value as expertise, but is the USA educational system responding to these new needs? Focusing on science education as […]