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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Reading Group

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Surfing the Waves of Digital Innovations

Surfing the Waves of Digital Innovations, Final Invitation As we face one wave of innovation after another, there is no doubt that digital technologies are transforming the ways we live, work, and play. Yet, at any one point in time, a consumer or manager is likely to feel more or less inundated by the current […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Turning AI Upside Down

Turning AI Upside Down, Invitation #13 In both scientific research and professional practice, the focus today seems to be on how to utilize state-of-the-art Big Data technologies to make sense of a rapidly exploding deluge of data and derive useful information from data. Even if this effort is successful, it cannot solve the “information overload” […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Beating the Curse of Knowledge

Beating the Curse of Knowledge, Invitation #12 In 1990, Elizabeth Newton, then a psychology PhD student at Stanford, asked each participant of her dissertation research to pick a well-known song (such as “Happy Birthday to You” and “The Star-Spangled Banner”) and tap out the rhythm to a listener by knocking on a table. The listener’s […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Innovation Meets Institution

Innovation Meets Institution, Invitation #11 The ancestors of pandas were actually carnivorous and so their true anatomical thumbs were committed to the limited motion suited for meat eating. When adaptation to a diet of bamboo required more flexibility in manipulation, pandas could not redesign their thumbs but had to make do with an enlarged radial […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Innovating with Big Data

Innovating with Big Data, Invitation #10 “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” as both W. Edwards Deming and Peter Drucker reportedly said a long time ago. Today, Big Data is changing how we manage information and organizations. As many are hailing the technological wonders of Big Data, we would like to take a close […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Mindless & Mindful Innovation

Mindless & Mindful Innovation, Invitation #9 In the mid-1990s, an IT research analyst named Erik Keller was having lunch with a client who was excited about the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system soon starting at his company. Keller asked him why he was adopting the ERP system. The client looked at him […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Social Media for Social Innovation

Social Media for Social Innovation, Invitation #8 In an October 2010 issue of The New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell published an article to argue that social media generate only weak ties and can’t provide the strong ties always required by real social change (such as the civil right movement). Immediately his article triggered strong responses. But […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Innovation + Entrepreneurship = Intrapreneurship

Innovation + Entrepreneurship = Intrapreneurship, Invitation #7 In his Spring 2013 video message [], University of Maryland President Wallace Loh vowed to make Innovation and Entrepreneurship the highest priority for the university. Soon after, the university launched the Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship [], whose mission is “to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to all 35,000+ […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Taking Stock of Open Innovation

Taking Stock of Open Innovation, Invitation #6 Back in 2003, Henry Chesbrough, then an assistant professor at Harvard University, googled the phrase “Open Innovation” and found his search “did not match any documents.” Today, if you do the same search, you will get over 3.3 million results. Indeed, open innovation, as a process that makes […]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group: Breakthrough & Dominant Design in Cycles of Innovations

Breakthrough & Dominant Design in Cycles of Innovations, Invitation #5 Peter Drucker said: “If the 20th century was one of social transformations, the 21st century needs to be one of social and political innovations.” Leading and managing such innovations in the 21st century require deep understanding of the constantly changing technologies that accompany, enable, or […]