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[CASCI Reading] Types of synthesis and their criteria

Tuesday, March 3rd, 202011:00 am – 12:00 noonHBK South 2119 Citation: Strike, K., & Posner, G. (1983). Types of Synthesis and Their Criteria. In S.A. Ward, & L.J. Reed (Eds.), Knowledge Structure and Use: Implications for Synthesis and Interpretation (pp. 344-361). Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Keywords: synthesis, types of synthesis, conceptual innovation, intellectual activities, dialectics, […]

[Theory Article] Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Version 2.0: A review and Qualitative Investigation of OCBs for Knowledge Workers at Google and beyond Kathryn H. Dekas, Talya N. Bauer, Brian Welle, Jennifer Kurkoski  and Stacy Sullivan Organizational citizenship behaviors are discretionary employee behaviors that are helpful but not absolutely required by employers. While a great deal of information has […]

Resources: papers regarding Community & Information – JASIST Volume 63, Issue 12, Dec 2012

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology December 2012 Volume 63, Issue 12 Pages 2351–2558 JASIST research articles that are related to “Community & Information” Harnessing collective intelligence in social tagging using Delicious (pages 2488–2502) Kwan Yi Sentiment analysis of twitter audiences: Measuring the positive or negative influence of popular twitterers (pages 2521–2535) Younggue Bae […]

Community and Financial Logics in Startup Banks

Do startup organizations do better if the founding team has a financial perspective, focused on shareholder return, or a community orientation, focused on building up the local community (or both)? To learn more, check out this article in the Academy of Management Journal December 2012 issue. Arriving at the Starting Line: The Impact of Community […]

The Ecosystem of Information Retrieval

This paper presents an initial proposal for a formal framework that, by studying the metric variables involved in information retrieval, can establish the sequence of events involved and how to perform it. A systematic approach from the equations of Shannon and Weaver to establish the decidability of information retrieval systems and Conrad’s equation is used to […]