University of Maryland

Past CASCI Events

One of the important things CASCI does is facilitate events that bring together diverse groups of researchers, developers, managers, and leaders interested in the challenges and opportunities associated with communities, technology, and information.

Major Past Events Include:

Here is a Full List of Our Past Events:

10/15/2013 – CASCI Lunch: Speech Engines
10/08/2013 – CASCI Reading Group: Jessica Vitak
10/01/2013 – CASCI Lunch: Collaborative Science: Designing the Future
09/24/2013 – CASCI Reading Group: What Clients Don’t Get About My Profession
09/17/2013 – CASCI Tool Talk: ATLAS.ti and Social Media
09/17/2013 – CASCI Fellows Meeting
09/13/2013 – CASCI Visitor: Innovation, Design, and Research at eBay Research Labs
05/24/2013 – CASCI Workshop: CSCW Paper Workshop
05/07/2013 – CASCI Lunch
04/23/2013 – CASCI Lunch: Being “Friends” in the Facebook Age
04/09/2013 – CASCI Tool Talk
03/26/2013 – CASCI Community Case: Encyclopedia of Life
03/15/2013 – Twitter Goggles for Big Social Data Collection and Management
03/11/2013 – Dana Rotman’s Thesis Defense
03/05/2013 – CASCI Lunch
02/18/2013 – CASCI Lunch: Kickoff Meeting