University of Maryland

[CASCI Talk] How To Fix the World: Repair as Practice and Worldview

November 25th, 2014 by

Dec. 4
11 am – 12 pm
2116 Hornbake Bldg, South Wing

Speaker: Steven Jackson, Associate Professor, Department of Information Science, Cornell University

Steven Jackson ( is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University. He works in the areas of science and technology policy, human-computer interaction, and the sociology of technology, with current empirical projects around computational development in the sciences; time, technology and social life; and programs of technology and social change in the developing world. His work has been supported by the Ford Foundation, World Bank, Social Science Research Council, Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing, and several awards from the U.S. National Science Foundation, including the recent NSF CAREER award, “Governing Collaborative Science: Cyberinfrastructure, Scale, and Governance in the Networked Ecological Sciences.”

This talk argues for maintenance and repair as an alternative ground and starting point for reimagining human relationships with technology.  Drawing on recent and older work in ethics, philosophy, and the humanities, and programs of fieldwork in Africa, Bangladesh, and North America, it points to a deep imbalance in our academic and popular stories around technology. It also offers a series of repair-centered alternatives that, taken seriously, might change the way we approach questions of design, practice, value, and imagination in information science research.