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The Wikimedia Research Newsletter 3(11) is out

December 17th, 2013 by

The November 2013 issue of the Wikimedia Research Newsletter is out.

In this issue:

• 1 What drives people to contribute to Wikipedia? Experiment suggests reciprocity and social image motivations
• 2 Does “cultural imperialism” prevent the incorporation of indigenous knowledge on Wikipedia?
• 3 How PR professionals see Wikipedia: Trends from second US survey
• 4 Report from the inaugural L2 Wiki Research Hackathon
• 5 Briefly
• 5.1 “Iron Law of Oligarchy” (1911) confirmed on Wikia wikis
• 5.2 Twitter activity leads Wikipedia activity by an hour
• 5.3 “Google loves Wikipedia”
• 5.4 New article assessment algorithm scores quality of editors, too
• 5.5 “How do metrics of link analysis correlate to quality, relevance and popularity in Wikipedia?”
• 5.6 Usage of images and sounds is related to the quality of Wikipedia articles
• 5.7 Student perception of Wikipedia’s credibility is significantly influenced by their professors’ opinion
• 5.8 Non-participation of female students on Wikipedia influenced by school, peers and lack of community awareness
• 5.9 Gender gap coverage in media and blogs
• 5.10 German Wikipedia articles become static while English ones continue to develop
• 5.11 New sockpuppet corpus
• 5.12 Workshop on “User behavior and content generation on Wikipedia”

••• 18 publications were covered in this issue •••
Thanks to Piotr Konieczny, Brian Keegan, Nicolas Jullien, Amir E. Aharoni, Henrique Andrade, Daniel Mietchen, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, and Aaron Halfaker for contributing.