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CSCW’14 workshop “Sharing, Re-use and Circulation of Resources in Cooperative Scientific Work”

October 11th, 2013 by

Call for Participation
We are inviting submissions to a workshop on “Sharing, Re-use and Circulation of Resources in Cooperative Scientific Work” to be held at CSCW 2014, February 15-19 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

The goal of this one-day workshop is to discuss and stimulate research on the sharing and reuse of a wide range of scientific resources in cooperative scientific work.

As science trends toward increasing geographic and temporal scales, larger collaborations, and greater interdisciplinarity, scientific resources increasingly need to be more mobile and integrated with computer supported information and communication environments. Sharing, reuse and circulation of resources become a central challenge and critical component of cooperative scientific work. We interpret sharing broadly to include circulating scientific materials in any way that makes them available to other scientists.

We encourage submissions on a variety of resources such as data, software, materials and specimens, workflows, technical know-how, clinical and laboratory protocols, and algorithms. We invite you to explore a range of sharing and reuse practices past and present, what motivates and limits them, how sharing can be done more effectively, what tools and techniques facilitate or constrain it, and more widely how this relates to systems and science policy.

Important Dates
Position Paper Deadline: November 15, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: December 10, 2013
Workshop: Saturday, February 15, 2014

This will be a one-day workshop at CSCW 2014. Participants will be invited based on submitted position statements. Participants will be asked to read all accepted position papers and a small number of articles before the workshop. The morning will be dedicated to exploring themes of potential broader significance that emerge from participants’ various research efforts. Based on the position statements, we will invite some participants to present at the workshop a thematic story, a narrative that highlights a surprising or meaningful insight, drawn from either research experiences or stories found in the literature. In the afternoon we will review and synthesize the themes that emerged from the discussions in the morning’s thematic stories session. We aim to collect and assess themes to identify topics that may serve as focal points in a special journal issue and/or constitute important open research questions. We will then move on to brainstorm how open questions can be turned into fundable research proposals and what funding organizations may be interested in funding the proposed research. The finale of the workshop will be a late afternoon excursion to the Maryland Science Center ( providing opportunity for informal networking.

To be admitted to the workshop, submit a 2-page position paper by
November 15, 2013 that includes the following elements:

1) The description of a theme of particular interest that is related to
the workshop topic.
2) A concrete story that illustrates your chosen theme and draws from
your own research (qualitative or quantitative) or from the literature.
3) Three references to relevant literature and a sentence or two for
each that ties the reference to the selected theme of the story.
4) A reflection on why you are interested in this particular theme.
5) A brief bio and link to a website with further background about your

Please email your application in pdf format to t.velden [at]
and use the phrase: cscw14workshop application in the subject line of
your email.