University of Maryland

The Ecosystem of Information Retrieval

December 26th, 2012 by

This paper presents an initial proposal for a formal framework that, by studying the metric variables involved in information retrieval, can establish the sequence of events involved and how to perform it. A systematic approach from the equations of Shannon and Weaver to establish the decidability of information retrieval systems and Conrad’s equation is used to interweave the ecosystem components. This work was developed from a detailed analysis of the scientific literature on information retrieval and through a set of inductive processes; it has been possible to build each of the components of this proposal. First, we have proposed a simple way of assessing the implications of the sequence of events that occur in a search related to the overall response. Secondly, we obtain a formal equation that determines all the interrelated human and technological elements in the information retrieval processes. The establishment of this formal framework allows us to ascertain why we evaluate information retrieval and how one has to intervene in times of imbalance.

Check out the full article in Information Research (Vol. 14, No. 4).